Saturday, February 24, 2007

Johnny Cash and Country Stig Nielsen DR2

The best tv-channel in Denmark, DR2, has dedicated this saturday evening to legend Johnny Cash. A whole lot of more or less important danish singer-songwriters interpret some Cash-songs but most interessting is songwriter Country Stig Nielsen. He is young but already a country-legend in Århus, where he for years has toured small bars, cellars and minor venues with his dark Americana mythology and spiritual longings in a blend of folk, alt. country, roots, blues and spirituals.
CS Nielsen is to release an album of self-penned songs entitled "Against the Dying of the Light" later this year. The album was produced by Jacob Horney and mixed by Morten Maltesen (Lundgaard Studios).
I think you should listen to four of the tracks on his myspace-thingy, here. CS Nielsen is great!

  • Cash - Heart of Gold - Neil Young cover
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    Anonymous said...

    Loving Mr Nielsen, he certainly could be the new Johnny cash.

    Where can i buy his album? Everything is in danish and i'm english so having difficulkty, please help me !!

    Nice blog.Should check mine out at