Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs, the new VBS.TV, and stolen gear

With idealistic slogans like "Rescuing you from televion´s deathlike grib" and "Saving your eyes from the blinding pain of television" they are really up for a challenge, Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs and the rest of VBS.TV , which was launched under two weeks ago. Their main focus is culture in a wide wiew, and not at least what they´re calling "the best of the music world" (which include the first episode of Bangs show about stolen music gear)

It could get to be a really interesting site (besides what it already is). According to VBS themself, people have called it "eclectic, smart, funny, shocking, and revolutionary" as to which VBS responded (guess according to who? :-)): "we kind of just snapped our fingers in their faces and went, “Whatever. Tell us something we don’t know.”

A really up-beat and tongue-in-cheek attitude. Hopefully they can mix it with (their and other) talents. But for now I will send my readers to VBS and leave an open question for VBS: "will you be able to put a deathlike grib and a blinding pain on me?". I hope so!

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