Friday, February 16, 2007

Infographic in awesome musicvideos Royksopp Longcut

I found one old musicvideo and one new that both uses infographics to tell their stories. They are quite similar but both are artistic masterpieces and wellworth a few minutes.
We love Liverpool more than Manchester, but these mancunians in The Longcut does a good job with their single 'A Triedy And Tested Method' - a pleasant and mellow slice of work. The video tells the story of a boy and a girl falling for each other.
The second video is 'Remind Me' from Royksopp with our allstar norwegian singer Erlend Oye delivering lazy vocal on this electronic downbeat hit off the Melody A.M album (2002).
The infographic used is very clever and strike me as having some resemblance to a Kraftwerk'ish universe. Mensch Machine. Loves this way of telling stories. Enjoy.

  • Royksopp - Remind Me

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    Mogens said...

    Hehe..."we love Liverpool more...". The truest truth! I bow to that.