Saturday, April 07, 2007

Introducing Cold War Kids mp3

My brother-in-law has been so kind to introduce me to the cool indie-band Cold War Kids. At the same time a very traditional band, with very traditional inspiration, but with their own sound. Allmusic describe their influences as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Velvet Underground and Jeff Buckley! Good taste! It is quite catchy and with substanse as well. Check it out. They play at Vega i Copenhagen on the 9th of May. Buy your ticket here.

  • We Used To Vacation

  • Hospital Beds


    IndieFor said...

    Hey there.
    Just so that you know, the mp3 link of the Cold War Kids's song Hospital Beds is actually from our blog-site . I think you should write somewhere..

    Really great looking blog...

    Kristoffer said...
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    Kristoffer said...

    Sorry about that! Your link is on our page now, thx. - THanks for the heads up!