Thursday, April 19, 2007

The world of unclassifiable music - #1

Lately my entries here has been pointing in so many different directions. I've been writing about rap (?!) and more mainstreamy music. I'm glad to announce that this way of putting words down will continue.

I decided to embark on a small and deadly mission called 'The world of unclassifiable music'. I just want to sneak down other trails than the usual backbone in my recordcollection, seen here on But also to explore all the small labels around. So the concept is 1 band + 1 label.

I can't promise that all the music presented in this 'The world of unclassifiable music' will apply to any good taste, and I'm not even sure that I'm all for the first duo that I'm about to present.
Opsvik & Jennings is the first pick. The duo is based in New York. They just released "Commuter Anthems", which is a layered, even orchestral, album of instrumental pop music.
Their debut-album was called "Fløyel Files" but now they are more playful and also a bit weird. I guess that's because of their jazz background. Well try them out.
They are released through Rune Grammofon which is worth discovering. They aim to recapture the magic of new and adventorous norwegian artists.

  • Opvik and Jennings - Communter Anthem
  • Opsvik and Jennings - The Pendler
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