Friday, December 19, 2008

Beatles Remastered

2009 will be a year of some very noticeable re-issues. The other day I anticipated the upcoming Neil Young 'Archives' release and today I give a shout out to The Beatles. The only cd-versions of their studio albums that exist, are the ones from 1987. That will change next year- about bloody time - when long overdue remastered versions will see the light of day. There are not too many details about how and when it will happen but it WILL happen. 

Anyways, it gives me the opportunity to give you this über-cool video of one of the fab four's lesser known, yet totally brilliant tracks. If you think you have grown apart from The Beatles, watch this and you will think again! 'Hey Bulldog'!

NB: Stay tuned for the continuation of our Pitchfork Christmas Special in a few hours...

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