Friday, December 19, 2008

Pitchfork 500 - Dec. 19th - Elliott Smith

Connecting to the earlier post today, we continue our Pitchfork 500 adventure with the late Elliott Smith. Steven Paul Smith - his real name - was a genius and besides that, heavily influenced by The Beatles. So often you cannot help thinking of the more moody and introspective Beatles songs, like 'Blackbird' or 'While my guitar gently weeps' when listening to Elliott Smith. Yet, Smith's music is not just moody, it is almost tragic, like loneliness put to sound. Compine this with his ability to write very strong, timeless melodies and you end up with a haunting cocktail that will get you hooked. 

Of course, his tragic death in 2003 only strengthens this perception. If you are in the right kind of mood, prepare to get moved when you hear 'Between The Bars'. The song featured in Gus van Sant's movie 'Good Will Hunting' which marked somewhat of a breakthrough for Smith. Originally, it is taken from his 1997 release 'Either/Or' - named after Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard's milestone book. No more bonus info - instead, enjoy Smith's chilling performance of the song, sitting in a kitchen (I think).

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