Monday, December 08, 2008

Pitchfork 500 - Dec. 8th - Suicide - Dream baby Dream

Today it's Suicide-time! Some thinks this duo were just as influential as The Clash. Nontheless they are phat! And can easily compete even today. Their raw-cool-doomsday electro is just perfectly depressing.

I bet that Sigur Rós has taken this song for a few spins before doing some of their kling-klang tracks. Listen on the mp3-version of "Dream Baby Dream" below.

By the way Bruce Springsteen has also used a solo keyboard version of "Dream Baby Dream" on his Devil & Dust Tour 2005.

  • Suicide - Dream baby dream


    Anonymous said...

    Car Ric Ocasek produced this.

    Mogens said...

    Definitely a lot of Sigur there, and The National too. This is so much fun!

    Mogens said...

    Thanks for the additional info. Ocasek is a true indie legend.