Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pitchfork 500 - Dec. 9th - The Clientele

London's The Clientele is very much the story of the forgotten band. Having existed since 1991 it was not until 2000 they released their debut album "Suburban Light' which collected a series of underground singles and EP's made between´97 and´00. 'Reflections after Jane' is taken from the debut and demonstrates the band's oozing and easy style. The music is perfectly matched by singer Alasdair MacLean's breathy, slightly nasal voice - not unlike Michael Penn or Scritti Politti's Gren Gartside.

The Clientele still spread their laid back vibes to this day and are slowly getting more and more recognition, as exemplified by Pitchfork's endorsement and also by the adoration of young folks like Peter, Bjorn & John. Enjoy and relaaaaax...

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