Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Helloooo Laura Veirs!

Today I laid my ears cloase on Seattle girl Laura Veirs. She sure has something I want to discover more of.
Her third Nonesuch album Saltbreakers is out today and it struck me that I don't really know her. As with all these nerdy-looking girls she is of course a singer-songwriter. She sings personal stuff, intense and she is both indie, alt-rock, country and has a nice vocal on tight and grungy drum-loops as well. There's enough stuff around to celebrate her, so check her out on Allmusic, on her MySpace for the new tracks and on Amazon when you are ready to buy. There's a couple of older tracks in a hidden directory on her website - direct access here. Of the older stuff the album Carbon Glacier is a standout.

  • Laura Veirs - Raptures (Carbon Glaciers)
  • Laura Veirs - Cloud Room (Carbon Glaciers)
  • Laura Veirs - Galaxies (Year of Meteors)
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    Christy said...

    Laura Veirs is definitely underrated, I'm glad to see more posts about her. =o) You rock!