Monday, May 15, 2006

Breathe owl Breath - a secret duo

Well, Micah Middaugh and Andrea Moreno-Beals kind of sounds as if they are from some really heavily-wooded part of North America. Maybe they are staying in log cabins year around, but they origin from Ann Arbor, Michigan and they makes you curious.
It's not that often you meet bands so non-mainstream that their official website has expired, and whose cd's are so popular that they are all out of stock and hard to get. But so is it with this duo. But of course they are on MySpace!

These guys are all about the low-key indie, instrumental and traditional. They play stringed instruments and fiddles with the nylon in a new but old way and makes thoughtful words to go along with the texture. Breathe owl Breath works. The harmonies are minimal and kinof not there and it's gorgeous.
In their own words they were raised by rivers and gardens and their instruments tell the tales. They traveled to cities and islands and their voices tell the tales. They are here for you, Breathe owl Breathe.

Home - Breathe owl Breathe (mp3)
Cave - Breathe owl Breath (mp3)
Embers - Breathe owl Breath (mp3)

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Dennis Hoshield said...

I was able to catch a 'street gig' in Harbor Springs, Michigan, tonight of theirs .. and I can agree whole-heartedly with your post. I envy people that can MAKE music, and not just play it.