Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Homesick Hank produced by Paul Oldham

I was quite thrilled when I earlier today received a sms from my old acquaintance Kudre Haan where he asked me to check out Gaffa. I thought his band Homesick Hank had died some painful death after their debutalbum Hey was released in 2003. But no way! Are they alive!
With a new record label and producer Paul Oldham, brother to the notorious Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy, behind the mixers they must be more than ready to release Leave it Behind. Due 06.06.06.
If you're reading this Kudre Haan, I still have your cd "Ease down the Road"... But you managed without it, so unless you insist... ;-)


kudre said...

Hey kristoffer!
If you come to Huset tonight - please bring my "Ease..."-album, i do miss it;-)

Chris said...

Hey guys

I like your blog and your taste in music.
I do graphics and photos for bands.
I did Homesick Hank.
I'll be snapping like crazy at Roskilde.
I'll send you some Death Cab For Cutie shots for your site.

I'm linking to you.

My number 3112 0420

Chris Adam