Sunday, May 21, 2006

La Fontaine with Il Bastardo and alternative scandinavian jazz scene

Yesterday Laundry brother Rene and I toured around Copenhagen and eventually dropped in at the the legendary jazzclub La Fontaine. Usually I always get there too late or drunk to catch a whole concert, but yesterday we got there kind of early (1 AM). And mind I say, all jazzed up! And what a thrill!

This entry is a salute and an introduction to some of the more interesting names in danish and scandinavian jazz.
Yesterday La Fontaine hosted Il Bastardo (beware: terrible website!), which were doing both a live-recording as a followup for their 2004 release "Il Bastardo" and a documentary film.
Il Bastardo is like, hmmm... gypsy, balkan, jewish weddingparty music. Up-tempo, original and improvised. They played three very dynamical sets with nasty electric turns on the bass and amazing drumming by Stefan Pasborg, which boiled the pots with some of the most technically well-equipped drumming I've heard live at the club; amazingly tight, inventive and explosive. It was red hot and beautiful in all it's funked up folkness!

Remember to check out label Ilk Music, which is a selfmade greenhouse housing all these amazing talents in the scandinavian young jazz scene. There's a brilliant flashplayer who will supply you with beautiful music from artists such as Ibrahim Eclectric, Ikscheltaschel, Tys Tys, Autofant, Rød Planet, Toksikum and much more while you surf these pages and get a round up on an interessting scene. Enjoy.

All these has Stefan Pasborg on drums:

Toksikum 'Social' (mp3)

Il Bastardo 'Zirpa Panos' (mp3)

Ibrahim Eclectric 'Fela' (mp3)


Anonymous said...

super godt

yooperprof said...

Oooh. I was there too. Just back in the States now, and I've been doing a little googling to find out more about the band. Thanks for the reference!