Monday, May 15, 2006

Hifana - japanese brilliance (mp3)

Just discovered Hifana, who plays a live dj-set at this years Sonar festival in Barcelona next month. The japanese music scene takes up quite a big role at the festival.
I'm not going - damnit - myself, but these two japanese guys are sooo brilliant and I would just love to see what visuals they blow up to their urban variations on downtempo and hip-hop.
I can't really understand anything but numbers from their official website, but I managed to pick up this old interview from japanese magazine Metropolis.
But first I tried their music on. There is so much energy in it. It's some kind of sampled and looped weirdness and it's really entertaining and cut-up. The act is electronica, mixed with breakbeats and hip-hop, speaker announcements and some bellydance.
The experience, I would say, is almost like being drugged up with mushrooms and taken on a joyride in some obscure reality with visions of forrests and dark suburban alleys. And what a ride! Elfs are in there and birds singing and much more. It's very intelligent. Take a break from your usual playlist and try the ride.

Hifana - Wamono (mp3)
Hifana - Gakulang (mp3)
Hifana - Tanglang (mp3)
Hifana - Akero (feat. Twigy) (mp3)


Anonymous said...

I just found out about this band, thanks to this review. I love their use of Japanese instruments. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hifana are fantastic, i love their originality, no one comes close

Anonymous said...

I saw Hifana at the New York- Tokyo music concert in 2006. Amazing!