Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A tribute to Elvis Costello

If my cd-player were asked to mention a few artists to sum up what it's been playing for the last six months, I'm pretty sure "Elvis Costello" would be one of the very first names to come out.

I have been focusing on his early period, i.e. 1977-86, where he released masterpieces in a freakish tempo. Together with his mighty tight band The Attractions he takes you through all sorts of genres in a seemingly effortless manner. In this era the sky high ambitions of Costello's music is matched by the excellence only.
Oh... and then he's from Liverpool. Can't be bad... ;-)

Enjoy this '78-single: "Pump it up". You can't help being impressed of his extremely flexible angles. It's pumped up, indeed.

And there's more:

Alison (Live video - ending in a cover of "Suspicious minds" of that other Elvis-dude)

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