Thursday, May 11, 2006

Of Montreal and The Minders on mp3

Hailing from Athens, pop rock alternativ Of Montreal have carved their own niche in the indie-pop world. They rock me!
Their album Sunlandic Twins is about one year old now, but they are established now. An uniquely and twisted band with influences as varied as Brian Eno, Television, Prince, and The Shins. Because of their succes Polyvinyl Records got their act together and re-released some of the bands earlier albums, which were falling kind of out of prints. Give them a listen and maybe a buy. It's good craft!

Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins (2005) - So Begins Our Alabee (mp3)
Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins - Requiem For O.M.M.2 (mp3)
Of Montreal - The Bird Who Continues to Eat the Rabbit's Flowers (1997) - If I Faltered Slightly Twice(mp3).
Of Montreal - The Bedside Drama: a Petite Tragedy (1998) - Just Recently Lost Something of Importance (mp3)

While we are at it, Of Monreal are hitting the road this summer - damnit, only in the US - together with The Minders. Another band from really interessting record company Elephant 6. I know that The Minders are releasing album It’s A Bright Guilty World on July 18th, but not much more. Except they sound like good happy-go-lucky highschool indie as your momma would've done it. Check them out for yourself: The Minders - Don’t You Stop (mp3)

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