Monday, May 29, 2006

Links to music mp3s Myspace Spacecadetz Discogs and Hunter S. Thompson

I can not manage new bands today, only linkage to surf. Somehow I've been quite low-key since I gave my icelandic friend a hug in the airport and waved goodbye and sent him back home after hard days nights in Copenhagen.

Discogs is "a user-built database of music information. Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. It's getting closer every day." This is the essential site for all you music heads out there. I wish IMDB was this well presented. Good, but lot's of Google Ads.

Spacecadetz. "With 70+ million members and still growing fast, it’s just about impossible to keep track of what’s new and fresh on MySpace, and that’s where comes in to make your life easier. We bring you the latest and greatest in MySpace, including updates and features on the best indie music groups/artists, MySpace videos, and other stuff in the MySpace community that is actually worth knowing. In other words, we sift through all the crap out there and present the cream of the crop."

And an interessting for read - at least for an old HST-fan: Hunter Thompson was working on WTC collapse story before mysterious sudden death, warned he'd be "suicided".

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