Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet Pela from New York on mp3

Pela sound as if they're from New York. And in fact they are. And they are pretty popular over there in the clubs of Brooklyn.
They say, they are influenced by cranes, sidewalks, cityscapes, subways, warehouses, sex, alcohol, isolation and addiction.
If you havn't met this band before - meet them below. They are totally worth it!

Pela - Lost to the Lonesome (mp3)
Pela - The Trouble With River Cities (mp3)
Pela - Episodes (Diphenhydramine) (mp3)
Pela on myspace

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Anonymous said...

Hey Indie Laundary folks-
You have no email contact form on your site so figured I'd try this.

I'm writing from the label responsible for Pela's debut EP, Brassland. I just returned from Iceland & wanted to say:
1> Thanks for Pela props!
2> Nice country you have there, especially 12 Tonar. I got a label sampler from them while I was in town and wow! great stuff.

3> I hope you'll check out some of our other artists. I think you might find Clogs + Baby Dayliner especially intriguing.

MP3s, Video & more...

All best,
glenn (at) brassland (dot) org