Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hermigervill performs at Reykjavík Trópík 2006 download full albums

This entry is a hot tip. I've been enjoying his music since last year, when Arnar introduced me. Hermigervill is icelandic. His second breiðskífa - record - "Sleepwork" was released 16. september last year.
The style is - with his own words: hiphop-elektróník; sungið og ósungið popp, rokk, hiphop og raf til skiptis. It's intelligent breakbeat electronica and even has some samples from some old danish sitcom in one of the tracks. Can't figure out which.

Hermigervill hasn't released anything new since september 05, but is often performing live. Next time he performs is at Reykjavík Trópík 2006 - a hot (yeah right!) festival taking place 2-4. june. On his website he gives away both of his albums, so better go pick them up. The links are:

Sleepwork (complete album)

Lausnina (complete album)

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